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Disasters Happen! The good news is it’s easy to make sure you and the people and things you care about, are ready.

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There are many different ways you can stay informed about what is happening before, during and after an event. Sign up for text alerts and find out more about our suite of alerting tools.

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Tsunami: Do you know when to go?

If you experience any one of the warnings in this video then you should evacuate immediately. If you have time, take some essentials with you (practical clothing, water, food) but make sure it is easy to carry.

Remember, you shouldn’t evacuate in your car as roads will quickly become congested. Evacuating on foot, on a bike or a scooter is the quickest way to evacuate.

To find your evacuation route, click on the link below and then click on ‘How to Prepare’. You can then use the map to zoom in on a location and find your evacuation route.

Tsunami: Do you know what to do? Tsunami: Do you know what to do?